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Prizes given away every month! Spend $10 at any of our tournament locations and receive 1 raffle entry. For every dollar you spend above $10 you receive an additional entry! Spend $20, get 11 entries!

***Players must write their name on their receipt and turn it in to the Tournament Director. If you don't you won't receive your entries.***

So good luck everyone, and please remember to support your host bars!

Also, don't forget about Bring-A-Friend Bonus Points!

Anytime you bring a new player to a Rochester Pub Poker tournament, both you and that new player will receive an extra 25 points! Bring in 3 new friends to any tournament, get 75 points! It's that easy! See you out!

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Latest News:

Aug 17 2017
Hello Players
Here is the list you've all been waiting for.

1st place: Bobby Able (Las Vegas)
2nd place: Marke Anderson: ($150)
3rd place: Don Shultz Jr. ($100)
4th place: Karen Dagostino ($75)
5th place: Larry Sodeman ($50)
6th place: Belmiro Galo ($25)
7th place: Troy Saber ($20)
8th place: Joe Jones ($20)

Congratulations to the top 8!!! There were a total of 13 empty seats at the final that could have been filled by players on the win and in list. There were around 25 seats open for the win and in that lower ranking players could have filled. Keep that in mind for this session. I went to 2 possible new host locations yesterday and came away with a positive feeling from both. One was the old Beale. The other was a new place that opened up just 10 weeks ago called Back To My Place. They were unsure at the present, but did commit to calling me back next month when a few things get straightened out. I will be doing more scouting over the next week or so. I will update you when there is new news.

Aug 17 2017
Hello Players
Another update on my last post. In case you did not figure it out the 1pm and 4pm game is for Diamond Billiards on Sunday. My fault for omitting that. sorry for any confusion.

Aug 15 2017
Hello players
There is a change in the Diamond Billiards start times so pay close attention. 1pm and 4pm now.